Introduction of digital marketing

Introduction of digital marketing

Introduction of Digital Marketing

 – So with the introduction of digital marketing all the traditional methods has to extinguish.

Digital marketing has made everything so simple and inexpensive as compared to traditional marketing, that no one today wants to use traditional means to promote their product or services.

With the help of digital marketing, you can access real-time information and can see what is working for you and what is not.

We live in a world where we are connected in every way with each other and the advertising is not the same as it was used to be.

This is because due to a rise in social media platforms and the introduction of digital marketing as it has changed everything with how businesses communicate with their potential customers and the existing one.

Business owners have realized that with an online presence of their business they an achieve more brand awareness and build trust in the eyes of the potential consumers.


 Digital marketing is the technique of using the internet and wireless mediums to create awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty for a brand or product or service.

Digital marketing includes:

Social media marketing:

  • Social media marketing demand has grown up quickly in recent times and there is a number of agencies providing service around the web to help their customers with Facebook.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin are some mediums of social network which can be used for marketing efforts even sitting at one end of the world.

Social media marketing means communication can be in a more effective and targeted manner as we have better targeting options. So the introduction of digital marketing has changed the scenarios.

We can use graphic design to become more effective on social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimisation:

  • Search engine optimization means the process of changing the visibility of a webpage in the organic listings on SERP (search engine result page).

SEO includes:

1-On Page SEO – It includes:

  • Keyword usage or Keyword density
  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • The appearance of the site
  • Internal links
  • External links
  • Good content
  • Low bounce rate
  • More engaging factors
  • Increasing stick rate
  • Sitemap

2- Off Page SEO – It includes:

  • Link building
  • Article submission
  • Directory submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Blog commenting
  • Guest Posting
  • Do not use BLACK HAT SEO

All these topics will be later covered in the future.

If you want to learn more about graphic designing then click

Search Engine Marketing:

SEO (search engine optimization) is a part of SEM (search engine marketing) but the only difference between the two is SEM also includes paid advertisements models such as PPC.

Search engine marketing is a way to use search engines to promote brands.

PPC models work on Google AdWords in which payment is charged when the ad is clicked and the user has reached the destined place.

You can select other models such as CPC which means cost per click, CPA which means cost per action, CTA which means call to action.

You can choose your bidding strategy like:

  • Target CPA
  • Target ROAS
  • Maximize Conversions
  • Enhanced CPC
  • Maximize Clicks
  • Manual CPC bidding.

All these terms will be briefly explained later in the module, don’t be in a hurry.

Keywords are selected on which advertisers want to show ads on search engines.

You can also select those keywords on which you don’t want to show your ads.

SEM also notices keywords and monitors it.


Email Marketing:

Email marketing nowadays is less useful but it can be used to collect database and customize it so that email can be sent on the basis of previous actions like purchase or interests.

Content Marketing:

It means producing or creating content for a targeted audience and publishing it.

Useful for:

  • Attracting new potential customers
  • Generating Leads
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Increases customer base

Content marketing helps in attracting new potential customers and transforming them into customers by sharing free good and valuable content.

It increases brand loyalty, brand image, brand identity and also creates a willingness to purchase from the company in the near future.


So what we have learned in the introduction of digital marketing is the meaning of digital marketing and types of digital marketing.

If you have any doubt please post in the comment.

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Meaning Of  Graphic Design

Graphic design is a simple process of visual communication through the effective use of typography, color, size images, textures etc.

Graphic designers can use symbols, texts or images to convey a message or idea. It requires brainstorming and then developing an idea after that make it happen.

meaning of video marketing module 3

meaning of video marketing-module 3

The meaning of video marketing is very simple, it means using videos to promote your brand products or services.

Video marketing gives a quick overview without over-powering them with text.


Blogging and its meaning?

It is very important to know blogging and its meaning and how to use blogging for your business or as a career.

A blog is an up-to-date webpage displaying information in reverse chronological order with the most recent post at the top.

For example- shoutmeoutloud,shopify blog,guidingtech etc.

Blogging is the art of writing articles on a specific topic on the website published on the world wide web.



Initiation of Google analytics- Module 5

Initiation of google analytics

Before knowing, initiation of google analytics let us know what is WEB ANALYTICS?

Web analytics is the evaluation, collection, and analysis of data of a website. It can be used to evaluate web traffic or visitors and to improve the effectiveness of the website.

The use of web analytics is to attract new visitors and to existing visitors for goods and services of a website.

It tells us about the performance of a website.


Social media fundamentals

So we are going to start social media optimization from social media fundamentals.


What is social media?

It is an online interaction platform (websites or applications) where people(users) create and share content with each other.

Content=Videos, Pictures, Links, Thoughts, Reviews, Information etc.



Before we get to know what is search engine optimization and how does it work. 

Let us know what is search engines, types of search engines and why search engines are significant for business.



So today we will discuss blogging tips and tricks. I hope this article helps you in starting your own blogging journey.

Do blogging about your passion-

If you want to start blogging and then do blogging about your passion or the field you have interest in it will make it easier for you to write and you will not get bored and your interest would always be high.



Introduction of digital marketing
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Introduction of digital marketing
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