meaning of video marketing-module 3

meaning of video marketing module 3

meaning of video marketing-module 3

The meaning of video marketing is very simple, it means using videos to promote your brand products or services.

Video marketing gives a quick overview without over-powering them with text.

Key points of the meaning of video marketing

Customers prefer watching videos

Acts like a tool to improve customer engagement.

Videos get more visibility on search engines.

Easily available on social media platforms.

Videos help in increasing conversion.


80% of the online traffic will be through 2019 by videos.

85%  of the people are more likely to buy after watching video on the landing page.

94% of mobile users share videos with each other.

72% of the marketers report that video converts better than any other medium.

Homepage videos have shown an increase in 32% of the conversion.

Types of video marketing

1-Explainer videos

2-Promotional videos

3-Tutorial videos

4-Live videos




8-Behind the scenes videos

So are a step ahead from average people who do not know types of video marketing.

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