How To Start A Blog For Free in 2020: Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

How To Start A Blog For Free in 2020: Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

In the year 2020, it’s been easier to start a blog for free.
Today we are going to tell you all the platforms you can use for blogging without paying anything.

I hope you are going to grab some new platforms for your query “How to start a blog for free”.

So let’s start!

If “How start a blog for free” was your question.
We have found the solution for it! is a free website builder where you can do blogging for free.

You can add pages and customize it.
You can add Images, Gallery, Buttons, Audios, videos, Icons, Shapes, Social Icons, Favicon,  Custom HTML Code, Analytics and Search console verification and many other features.
Lets understand how to start a blog for free in
Go to pages and then click the add page button.

“How to start a blog for free

Then choose the blog from the left options that you see and then add the page name and click the add page button. 

How start a blog free 2020

After this go to blog and click the blog manager button.
After this edit blog page settings or click on add entry button and start doing blogging.

How start blog free 2020

You can add tags, featured images, and can make changes in the URL, this means you can write a fully SEO optimized article without spending anything.

You cannot have a custom domain until you do an upgrade starting from 2$ to 10$ per month.

You can create your site and start doing free blogging in 2020 and beyond.
So, the first step you have to do is to go to a simple site and click the “START HERE” button.

how to start a blog for free

Now after that a screen will appear.

Now you have three options: choose personal/blog if you are looking for blogging.

How start a blog for free

After that, choose the colour pattern you want for blogging, add it to your blog, then add the title of our blog.
Now add the username which should be the same as the title.
Now add the email and password.
After that build your website and start blogging.
It has various social links and icons, customize website colours, change website fonts, add logos etc.
You can also add slideshows, videos, Images, Map, Contact form and many other things.


Now to add a blog page to simple site, go to pages and click add a page then select blog.

Add blog page name.

How start a blog for free

Then a pop up screen will come and then write a blog post button.

This is the blog interface.

Now you can start your journey!

simple site

Medium is a free platform that can be used for doing free blogging.
If you are on the search for free blogging platforms then you can use medium.
For starting your own blog in Medium, you have to go to and create an account by signing with google or email or facebook.
I will suggest you open an account with your email.
After verification.
Submit your Full name and complete your bio.
After optimizing your profile.
You can start as a blogger.

how to start a blog for free
start a blog free

Blogger is one of the most popular and old free blogging platforms.

You don’t require any coding skills to start blogging using blogger

If you want to start personal blogs this is the best solution but it’s not for professional use. 

You will require a gmail ID to create an account first in order to use it. Login your gmail ID then just go to

Click on the Create Your Blog button and then select your own gmail ID. 

Now you have to pick one of the default themes and you can start writing your blogs.

It offers a variety of widget options.

how to start a blog for free

This is the blog interface.
You can add images, videos, can change slug, tags etc.
You can make a complete SEO Optimized article

blogger, is the other face of WordPress.

A platform used mainly for personal blogging because it is very easy and completely free with only condition, you cannot have a custom domain which means the domain ending will include wordpress extension (


You cannot plan to monetize your blog in any way, the free of version will prevent you from doing that.


So, go to sign up. Click the create a site button. After this type your site name and then choose your domain.
You can either choose a free domain or paid one. It’s your wish! 


how to start a blog for free
how do u start a blog for free

Now login to your account and this click on the create a site button and choose a domain name for your blog.

start blog free

After choosing the domain name.
Select the design you like.
After that choose the font you want for your blog!

start a blog for free

Select the free plan on the next screen! And Launch your site


After launching, make the necessary changes you feel like are important.

Now go to sites and click posts.

Now click add a post button.

You can see the blog interface.

You can add title, content, tags, featured image etc to your blog!

start a blog for free

Weebly is another blogging platform that you can use not only to blog but also to sell products or showcase your portfolio. 

It is similar to Wix to the extent that it provides you with an editor with drag-and-drop elements. 

If you want to add a button, you can simply drag it to the page and customize it. 

The same happens with galleries, slideshows, and any other multimedia element.

Weebly provides slideshows, social media icons,Image Gallery and many more. Moreover, the platform comes with built-in analytics.


In the free plan, you get five custom pages, a Weebly subdomain, 500MB storage, and ad spaces.

So you have to first create your account in weebly and then go to the pages and click the blog page.

how to start a blog for free

After adding the blog to your website you have to add titles and start drag and drop the thing you require.

The Weebly Blog interface:

start a blog for free

One more platform where you can start a blog for free in 2020 and in future.
So, let’s start, the first is to visit strikingly and submit three details:

  • First Name
  • Email
  • And Password
how to start a blog for free

After that select BLOG option and choose one template out of the options.


After choosing the template, click the blog and the click “manage blog posts”


Then click the “write post new” button and a screen like below will appear and you can start free blogging.


The best thing about strikingly blogging you can optimize your blog as per SEO.
You can make custom URLs, can images and videos in your blogs.
Also if you want to change your domain URL, you have to go to settings and then click domain and then add your domain name you like.
You can add up to 20 pages on a single site. Each page works the same way — just add any sections you want.

You can also add google analytics and webmaster code to verify.

If you were googling How can i start a blog for free, your search is over!
Simbla is a free blogging platform where you can start a blog for free.

Visit simbla and click the register button.
Then submit these details:
And Password.
Now if you want to add pages you can do as well.
It offers SEO options to make your homepage fully SEO optimized.
So, to start blogging, click the applications button and then click add new application.
After this, a screen like below will appear, you have to add an app for blog.

how to start a blog for free in India

After that, come to this screen and click the new post button.

How can i start a blog for free

After that see the interface for Simbla blog.
This is the best interface according to me, it’s simple and easy.
You can learn a lot.
So, Simbla is offering tags, Meta title, Meta description, Keywords and additional Meta tags.
In simple words, you can write a completely SEO optimized article by yourself.

You can also add favicon, analytics, webmaster code, robots.txt, sitemap and many other features are available.


Another platform you can look up to start doing blogging for free is this one. is a free website builder where you can make your website and blog.
So, the first thing you have to do is click the page button and add a page button. After that click the app page and select the blog after it is installed, you can start your blogging journey.

how to start a blog for free

This is how the webs blog interface looks:


You can add images, videos, contact form, maps, buttons etc to the pages.

start a blog for free

Benefits of Starting a Blog for Free

  1. You will learn blogging –
    The first thing when you start a blog for free is you will learn how to do blogging.

  2. You will learn SEO –
    Through blogging you will also learn SEO.
    Learning SEO is one of the best skills you can get.
    SEO itself is the future, knowing which can help you in getting a job or starting your own YouTube channel or blog.

  3. You will do mistakes –
    When you will start blogging, you will definitely make mistakes which is good according to me.
    Even though I have made many mistakes and I have learned my lessons from it .
    The more you do now, the less you will repeat it in the future.

  4. You will do experiments –
    When you will start a blog for free, you’ll have no idea what to do and how to do things. This is the time to do experiments.

  5. You will be way ahead from your colleagues/friends.
    When it comes to colleagues in your office or your friends, you will be ahead of them because you are going to learn so many things from scratch.
    From graphic designing to how to write a blog, you will become skillful.
How to Start a Blog for Free: Conclusion

I hope you like this How to Start a Blog for Free article, which is completely about how you can start a blog for free which means you are not spending anything at all.

In this way you can learn how to start a blog for free in India.

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