Meaning of blogging

Meaning of blogging

Before we dive into digital marketing, let us know the meaning of blogging and how to use blogging for your business or as a career.

Blogging is the easiest and the fastest to update on the internet.

So, if you have no idea about what a blog is, you have come to the right place.


what is a blog

What is a blog?

A blog is an up-to-date webpage displaying information in reverse chronological order with the most recent post at the top.

For example- shoutmeoutloud,shopify blog,guidingtech etc.

“A blog is a channel where you share your thoughts. – Neil Patel

Blogging is the art of writing articles on a specific topic on the website published on the world wide web.

What is the Purpose of Blog?

People can start blogging for various reasons like for personal use or business purpose, honestly, it depends what you want!
With the help of blogging, new and old businesses can attract the attention of its likely consumers.
So, without doing blogging you won’t be visible on the search engine, because of which you can lose audience/traffic that could be converted.

Hence, the main purpose of blogging, is to the fill the gap between you and your potential consumers.

terms used in meaning of blogging

In this part, you will get to know what are the terms you should be aware of in blogging

1-Blog – A webpage updated with content after a specific time period like once in a week or once in a month or whatever it may be it depends on the blogger. Now see the second point to know who is a blogger.

2-Blogger – The person who updates the content on the blog or webpage is called blogger

3-Blogging – The practice of updating the content on the blog or webpage is called blogging.

4- RSS Feed – RSS stands for Rich Site Summary OR Really Simple Syndication.

It is a software that is used to feed or read the content of websites you like through hyperlinks and can access it using this tool.

5- Category – The post you publish in your blog is under a category.

This help users to differentiate your articles from one another.

For example – has published two articles, one is of the how to optimize a facebook page and the other for the introduction of google analytics. So in this, we have created three categories, one is digital marketing which is our primary category and then we created two more categories, one for how to optimize A facebook page article and the other for google analytics articles which is social media optimization module 6 (category) and Initiation of google analytics module 5 (category).

You can check this when you hover your mouse to our blog page you can see these categories.

This makes the user experience good and trust me these things counts on when you want to rank on google.

6- Permalink – It is the URL of page or post/articles you publish in your website.

There are many types of permalink you can choose but the most used is Post Name Permalink.

Other Permalinks are Plain Permalink, Day and Name Permalink, Month and Name Permalink, Numeric Permalink and Custom Structure Permalink.

7- Meta Title and Meta Description – Meta title and meta descriptions are HTML code of a webpage or of a post you published.

The meta title is the title of the webpage and Meta description is the description that we see below the meta title.

8- Plugin – It is a software or a program to fill a specific purpose that is added to your website.

There are thousands of plugins available for each purpose.

9-Sidebar – A sidebar is a menu that contains the information of a website.

You can fix the sidebar in the left or right side of the webpage or blog.

These two are the things that you see on a search engine when you search a specific thing.

10 -Domain and Hosting Provider – These are the companies that give you your domain name (your business domain name) and space which is called hosting to host your website.

A2hosting is one of the leading domain and hosting providers you can buy from them from the below link

11- Gravatar – It is a worldwide recognized avatar(a graphic image representing a user).

12- Anchor text -An anchor text is a clickable link which when users click goes to another webpage.

13- Favicon- A favicon is a small graphic or your own logo that we see that you will in the address bar.

14-No follow link- A No follow link, is a link where crawlers do not crawl and link juice is not transferred.
It tells the crawlers do not visit that link or site

15-Do follow link- A Do follow link is a link where crawlers do crawl and link juice is transferred. 
It tells the crawlers do visit that link or site.

16-Redirect – A redirection is an alternative URL where we want users to go.
301 redirect which is done when we change the URL of page or post.
301 redirect is permanent.

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17-Robot txt- A robot txt is a file which gives information to crawlers about the website.
It tells what to index and what not to index.

18-IP Address- It is a unique internal protocol number assigned to each and every device which is connected to the internet.
It helps to establish an identity on the internet

19-Page- A page is a source of information about your website  for example about page service page home page etc

20-Slug- A slug is a URL friendly version of a page or a post. It is automatically generated by WordPress.

21-CSS- Cascading style sheets. It describes how HTML elements would be displayed on a device screen.

22-Footer – The bottom part of your website is called footer.

23- Header – The top part of your website is called header.

24-Featured image – It appears when you create your pages or posts.

You will see it on the right-hand side of your pages or posts.

The featured image helps in image SEO.

25- SEO- Search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a webpage through on page and off page optimization.

26- Visual / HTML View – It is simple to understand visual view is like how you are seeing this article that is called visual view.

But HTML view, on the other hand, shows what code it is using.

27- Monetization – It is a way to earn money from advertisements, affiliates or by selling courses, etc.

28- Heading tags- There are six different heading tags H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6.

Use them effectively as it affects your SEO.

H1 tags should only be used once.

29-Inbound marketing- A marketing in which potential clients comes to you instead of you going to them.

30-Outbound marketing-  A marketing in which you go to the potential clients instead of coming to you.

31- Call To Action (CTA)- In simple, it means what action do you want from your visitors.

32- Click Through Rate (CTR)- It is the percentage of viewers who clicked your link on an impression.

For example- your link was viewed by 100 people or has 100 impressions, but only people clicked that link, so your click-through rate is 10 percent.

33- cpanel – It is a tool which is given by the hosting providers you choose, to configure, control and manage your website.

34- Pingback- It tells the bloggers that there is a pingback to one of your article.

It acts as a backlink.

35- Impressions- In simple words, how many people have viewed your link.

36- A/B Testing – It is comparing two versions of the same ads, email marketing, to see which works better.

37-DNS- Domain name system is a system where domain names are seen in the form of IP address.

Whenever you search for a domain like it is translated into 117.445.000.5

38-Black hat SEO- This is the SEO or search engine optimization that is considered against the guidelines of search engines. This is the wrong way to do SEO.

39- White hat SEO- This is the SEO or search engine optimization that is considered, obeying to the guidelines of search engines. This is the right way to do SEO.

40- Bookmarking- It is the practice of saving URLs or links for using it later.

41- Embed- It is a code which you can place in your website or blog to get that content you wanting.

42- Keyword Stuffing – A practice of using too many keywords in your posts or pages to them ranked.

43-Back up – It means to copy the content of your website, you can use it in case something wrong happens.

44- Cookies- It is stored information on your computer while you were browsing from the website like usernames, log in details, etc.

45-Tags – Tags are an alternative keyword for your post, in which you want your webpage to rank other than the targeted keyword.

46-Google search console- It is a free tool that is provided by Google, to provide information on topics like coverage, rendering URLs, submitting sitemaps, impressions, and clicks, click through rate, errors, amp errors, mobile-friendly issues.

47- Google analytics- It is a free tool provided by Google, providing information on topics like from where your traffic comes which city or country, which browser they use, which mobile device they use, which keywords bring traffic, most visited posts, etc. They are plenty of other information.

48-Funnel –  A journey of the prefixed path for your reader( you want your readers to reach or arrive).

For example- A sales funnel, first, you click products then add to cart then you press purchase and a thank you page will appear.

49-JPEG- It is an image format.

50-PNG- It is an image format.

51- Podcast- It is an audio format of content. You can embed it on your WordPress sites.

52-Pingback – WordPress pings you, which means notifies you when someone writes about your site and also mentions a link to its article.

53- Hexa code- It is a color code in HTML.

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Benefits of Starting a Blog

  • You can start a new business.
  • It helps in personal branding.
  •  Keeps you up-to-date in your area of interest.
  • Get more clients or customers to the existing business.
  • It helps in SEO(each quality blog post helps in getting traffic from search).
  • Improve your writing capabilities.
  • Start selling digital products.
  • Start selling products.
  • Start doing affiliate marketing.
  • Good for business blogs.
  • Become an influencer in your industry.
  • Blogging can be a great source of income.
  • It will help in networking with other people in your industry.
  • You can gain popularity.
  • You can choose a niche and can become a niche blogger.
  • Earn more exposure
  • Collect emails.

Types Of Blogging


To start any kind of blogs you must know the actual blogging meaning.

When blogging was started in the late ’90s, the first type of blogger appeared was the online diary bloggers.

The personal blog does not focus on a specific topic or a specific audience.

In a personal blog, people share their inner feelings, experience, thoughts, etc online with an audience.

Today bloggers can use Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and similar networks to start a blog in less time and can start sharing with the world.


The first thing a personal blogger must do is to find others who share their area of interest which helps in building a community. Once you have found them, start commenting on their blogs and connecting with them on social media. As you grow your interactions with other personal bloggers, they will begin to engage with your blog posts.

Examples of personal are,, etc.


A business blogger is a person who blogs about his own business or a company he/she works for or are specialized in.

It includes content like industry updates, expert advise and company news.

A business blog is used to fulfill organizational goals.

It is also called a corporate blog.

The main goal is to get more exposure, traffic, and more customers, from the high-quality content which you provide to customers.

A business blog will only write about those topics which will attract potential customers.


The first thing a business blogger must do is to attract the readers that will register to their email list, deposit a lead form, or make a purchase.

The best path to build a community for a business blog is to recognize those potential people who are likely to become customers of your business and create good content that they would find interesting and engaging.


A professional blogger is a person who chooses blogging as a career and to earn money by their blogging efforts.

They do not the blog for part-time but as a full-time job.

The professional bloggers use a variety of monetization strategies like by promoting other product on a commission basis, creating digital products and services, selling display ads and Google Adsense.

Hence, professional bloggers must be aware of the meaning of blogging in its true sense


The first thing a professional blogger must do to become successful is to choose his monetization goals.

Those who wish to make money through advertising will need a lot of traffic from an audience interested in a particular topic.

He can become an affiliate for others and promote their business and earn when they purchase.


Niche bloggers are those people who choose to blog on some specific area of interest.

The primary aim is to earn money.

The aim is achieved by providing the content which the readers find valuable.

Add in an affiliate link to your post and the blogger may get a commission if the reader decides to buy.

Niche blog sites are very targeted.

For example: food,pets,fashion,travel,cars,music,


The first thing a niche blogger must do is to find the topic of interest which appeals to him. It is very important to know the size of your niche market.

If you are planning to start a niche blog then i must tell learn the meaning if blogging and then only start your blog and the reason behind i keep on saying that learn the meaning of blogging is because many people fail in the starting of their niche career.


An affiliate blogger is a person who does an affiliate marketing of other businesses and earns commission after people purchase.

These bloggers do not create their own products but they promote other businesses products by writing blog posts.

The main objective of the affiliate bloggers is to make the traffic, purchase the product by the affiliate’s link.

Some affiliate terms:

1-Affiliates- People who are doing publishers are called affiliates.

2-Affiliate Links- It is a special tracking link which the agency gives to the affiliate or publishers to check or track the status of promotion.

3-Affiliate market or agency- There are many agencies like

V-commission, CJ, Tyroo, Clink bank.

To become a successful affiliate blogger

The first thing an affiliate blogger should do is to ensure that their affiliate product reviews are likely to be read by those who have an interest in purchasing the products.


It is a blog where blogger share reviews on smartphones, laptops, etc.

Readers can also give their comments.


  • Keep posting continuously.
  • Reply to commentators.
  • Respect your readers.
Meaning Of Blogging

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What exactly is blogging definition?
    The practice of writing quality online journals/articles/blogs on the website is blogging.

  2. What is blog on the internet?
    The place (blog/website) where you publish your original online journals/articles/blogs is called blog on the internet.

  3. What is a blogger?
    The person who operates and manages the blog is called blogger.

  4. What is a blog post?
    The particular journal/blog/article you share on your blog is called a blog post.

  5. What is a blog used for?
    It is used to share product/business information, news/updates on a specific niche using categories and tags.

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This article is specially written for people who want to learn what is blogging.

I hope was comprehensive enough about the what is a blog, blogging, its meaning, terms used in blogging, benefits of blogging and tips to become a successful blogger and understand how important it is in today’s time.

Now it’s your turn to start writing articles and become a good and genuine blogger. So what we have learned,
What blogging means?
Types of blogging and tips to be successful in blogging with relation to the different type of blog.

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Meaning of blogging
Article Name
Meaning of blogging
Meaning of blogging A blog is an up-to-date webpage displaying information in reverse chronological order with the most recent post at the top.
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