What is SMO in Digital Marketing?

What is SMO in Digital Marketing?

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What is SMO in Digital Marketing?

Today’s topic for you GUYS! Is what is SMO in Digital Marketing! Excited!

SMO stands for Social media optimization in digital marketing! 

SMO in digital marketing is the process of optimizing all your social media profiles to originate more traffic from social media outlets so that you can spread your online message/product/services/events and presence.

SMO in digital marketing is similar to SEO to generate traffic and awareness for a website.

What Does Social Media Include in SMO in Digital Marketing?

See when you are doing SMO

Social networks— 

Platforms where we can connect with people like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, myspace, etc.

Media sharing networks—

Platforms where we can share photos, videos, and other media as well as Youtube, Slideshare,Flickr, Pinterest, Issu, SoundCloud, etc.

Discussion forums—

These are those Platforms where we engage ourselves to share news and ideas like Disqus, Reddit, StackFlow, etc.

Bookmarking and content curation channels—

These are those platforms where we Discover, save, and share new content like Mix, Scoopit, Instapaper etc.

Review networks—

These are those platforms where we can Find and give reviews about businesses like Tripadvisors etc.

Micro Blog and Blog publishing networks—

Those Platforms where we publish short/long content online like twitter, blogger, WordPress, Weebly, etc.

Why To Create Content in SMO in Digital Marketing ?

1-9-90 rule social networking

  1. -90% of the people on social media do not create any content
  2. -9% of the people on social media take actions like shares, comments,likes, etc.
  3. -1% of the people who on social media create new content.

So, if you want more followers on your page then you have to create accurate new content and this will automatically bring followers.

The Best Social Media Do’s and Don’ts in SMO in Digital Marketing!

The Social Media DO’S

1- Accurate Complete Social Profiles – 

Wherever you create a profile, always keep one thing in mind, give all the information it is asking and should be correct.

2- Consistency in social profiles is a must – 

Now, this is something you should never forget to do, social accounts which you create on different sites, always give the same information in every social profile.

3-Interact with your audience – 

Now, creating accounts and providing won’t help, unless you start interacting with your audience. Give a reply to queries, this is build authority in your industry.

4- Right content should be shared – 

Now when you can interact with your audience when you share the right piece of content with your audience and they can relate with it.

5- Visual posts must be engaging – Posts with appealing visuals increases engagement. Videos and photos are best for engagement.

6- Solve problems – 

Building authority in social media is a tough thing but not impossible. Start solving the problems of people/audience and this will automatically give you likes and followers in the long run.

The Social Media Don’ts

1- Don’t overshare your content – 

When you are sharing content with your audience you must know the frequency of it. On Facebook 1 to 3 posts in a day is sufficient, On Twitter 3 to 4 posts and On Instagram 1 to 2 posts in a day.

2- Don’t overuse Hashtags –

 Hashtags boost your organic reach, so use it wisely. Don’t overuse hashtags otherwise you can get yourself blocked. On Facebook and Instagram try not to use more than 15 hashtags at maximum.

3- Don’t be inactive – 

Inactiveness is not accepted in social accounts. If your profile is active there are more chances of getting visibility. Consistency is the key.

4- Don’t just self promote all the time – 

Remember don’t just promote yourself all the time. Sharing information in the right manner. Present yourself as an expert.

Never ask your followers to like or retweet, if they are doing it let them do.

5-Don’t ignore comments and questions – 

If someone from an audience has asked you a question or made a comment, never ignore it. Always reply to them, let them know what you are doing for them.

Why should you do SMO in Digital Marketing

Now you must be thinking why do we do social media optimization in digital marketing? Is it necessary? My answer is one word YES!

1-Strong online presence – 

The first benefit of doing SMO in digital marketing is that you can make your social presence stronger than your competitor by engaging and posting regularly.

2-Increase in reach –

If you do posting regularly then it is obvious your posts get more organic reach.

3-Rise in traffic – 

If you have an increase in reach then this will benefit your website. You can observe massive traffic coming from social media channels like Facebook, twitter or Instagram.

4-Leadership – 

A strong online presence will give your audience an impression of a leader and this is AWESOME for your brand.

5-Authority – 

Through leadership, you get the authority and it means POWER. When you have built a strong online presence with leadership, this will help you.. HOW??

The consumer will you choose over your competitors, they will believe you!! What you are doing is right!!

6-Reputation – 

Through a good SMO in digital marketing you can increase your reputation in the market and in the eyes of the consumer. HOW?? Share information with them, and make them aware of what is happening in your industry.

7-Backlinks – 

Now, this is important, a good SMO in digital marketing can give you backlinks. Remember, Quality Backlinks is the king!!


Objectives of SMO in Digital Marketing

1-Develop Brand awareness – 

The main objective of doing social media optimization in digital marketing is that it helps in developing brand awareness especially when you are new in the market to capture consumers and if you are an existing brand it will help you retain consumers.

2-Supervise feedback – 

You can supervise the feedback you get from social media channels and take measures to improve them.

3-Establish customer relationship – 

Another objective of doing SMO in digital marketing is making or establishing customer relationships. Through social media channels, it is now easy to connect with customers and attract them.

4-More conversions – 

When you have developed your brand, supervised feedbacks, established a strong customer relationship, all these will give nothing but MORE CONVERSIONS!!

5-Brand loyalty – 

Now doing a great SMO in digital marketing will give you brand loyalty. Now consumers will choose your products or services instead of substitutes.

6-Enhanced SEO rankings – 

A great social media optimization in digital marketing will give you better ranking in the search engine. Hence, SMO can help SEO as well.

Advantages of SMO in Digital Marketing

1-Rapid popularity –

A strong social media optimization in digital marketing will give you quick popularity in the market and you can start seeing the results and conversions.

2-Getting links – 

A strong SMO in Digital Marketing can help you getting links from social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

3-Builds credibility –

Another advantage of doing good social media optimization in digital marketing is that it builds credibility. Your consumer will trust you!

4-Insights about consumers –

You can know what your customer and consumer want.

5-Networking and new partnerships –

You can make new connections and partnerships and can expand your business. 

6-Increase in traffic –

If you have built a strong presence in the social media channels you will get more reach, your followers will increase and ultimately you can see a rise in your website traffic.


I hope you would like our new article which is about What is SMO in Digital Marketing.
If you have any doubts regarding this topic, feel free to comment and I will try to give you a solution.

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