How to Start A Blog

How to Start A Blog

How to Start A Blog

Before we learn how to start a blog in just 5 simple steps.

Let us have an overview.


In this article, you are going to learn the meaning of blogging (short revision), how to buy a domain from Godaddy and how to purchase hosting from a2hosting.

So we should start?

Meaning of blogging

 Blogging is the practice of updating a webpage with the new content of a niche after a fixed internal decided by the blogger.

The content shown in the blog is in reverse chronological order which simply means that your latest update will be shown in the top and your oldest post will be shown below.

If you want to learn more about the meaning of blogging

Follow this link

Now let’s move to purchase a domain!

How to buy a domain step- 1 (At Discount)

Choose your preferred domain name which suits your niche in which you want to be a blogger.

You can buy a cheap domain from GoDaddy.

To buy a domain follow the procedure

How to start a blog
  • Click on the sign in button-(sub step 2)
How to start blogging
  • Then click on the create account- (substep 3)


  • Create a account in godaddy, fill the email, username and password. subStep 4


  • Now sign in godaddy substep 5


Now search for the domain you want in the search bar sub step 6


  • Always choose .com extention, it is good for bloggers.
  • Now click to continue to cart  (sub step 7)
  • Uncheck all extra features  (sub step 8)
  • Then click to continue to cart  (sub step 9)
  • Change the domain registration to 1 year and fill the card details (sub step 10)
  • Use promo code (Use code – rpacc19da , cjc99r) (sub step 11)

  • Then click to complete purchase  (sub step 12)

How to buy a hosting step- 2 (At Discount)

Choose A2hosting to host your website because I am using it and personally suggest you to use it as a hosting provider because I am fan of it and its services.

Follow the procedure to buy hosting from a2hosting.

Click the link A2hosting

  1. Go to a2hosting– (sub step 1)
How to start a blog
  • Click on shared hosting- (sub-step 2)
  • then on web hosting- (sub step 3)
  • Choose the Lite Plan and click on get Lite- (sub step 4)
  • Now a screen will come where you have to register a domain but you choose (I will use my existing domain and update my name server) – (sub step 5)
  • Submit your domain name and click use. (sub step 5)
  • Now a screen will come where you have to make some changes, so start with billing cycle make it 12 months, turbo boost (NO), Dropmy site backups (no backups), Server location (Arizona), a2website builder (None), barracuda spam firewall (None), SSL certificates (Lets Encrypt), Railgun (None), Auto- Install application (None) – (sub step 6)
  • Now click continue to cart.
  • Now verify that SOFAST code is used or not.

(sub step 7)

Link Domain name with hosting (Step 3)

  • When you have a domain name and a hosting from two different companies.
  • Then what you have to do is Go to your Godaddy account and find your domain name in it. Go to My products
  • Once you find the domain name click on the DNS button.


  • Scroll down to NAMESERVERS IN DNS


  • Click on change and select custom

  • Go to your email which you got from a2hosting after purchasing.

  • Now again open your Godaddy DNS screen, you can see your nameservers.

  • Select nameserver 1(ns.1) and copy it to the DNS of Godaddy nameserver 1
  • Select nameserver 2 and copy it to the DNS of Godaddy nameserver 2
  • Select nameserver 3 and copy it to the DNS of Godaddy nameserver 3
  • Select nameserver 4 and copy it to the DNS of Godaddy nameserver 4
  • Make sure your nameserver match


  • Now click save in the nameserver in Godaddy
  • You will get a notification that this process might take some time around 24 hours, so don’t be in a hurry.

Congratulations now all you have to do is just install WordPress which is a 5 minute process. 

Install WordPress (Step 4)

  • What you have to do is login into your a2hosting account
  • Go to cpanel login and click on cpanel login button
  • Now scroll down and find softaculous app installer, and click on blogs button.It will take you one step closer to download wordpress.
  • A screen will appear. Click blog button and then click on WordPress button as shown in the above image.
  • Now fill the details showing up on your screen like choose protocol (always for https) site name, site description, admin username, admin password, admin email, etc.
  • Remember admin username and the admin password is really important so save it somewhere.
  • Now hit the install button.
  • Congrats WordPress has installed and you can check your website how it looks
  • WordPress admin URL – domain name/wp-admin ( To login your WordPress site use the admin username and admin password)

Design your website (Step 5)

Now designing is the most important thing in having a WordPress site.

While it is easy for those who have a practice, but you don’t worry just follow this procedure.

After you log in your WordPress site. go to pages and delete all and make it a fresh blog.

Then go to post, and delete all posts.

Now go setting and click on permalinks.

Change permalinks to post name.

How to add themes or upload a theme

Go to appearance menu and click themes

Add themes

Search for a category like business, blogs, food, etc , it will show you themes related to each category (my personal suggestion go for ocean wp theme, it is fully customizable).



Click install and activate (also remember to download other required plugins needed by the theme like ocean )

How to create a page in WordPress

Go to your WordPress dashboard

Find pages menu click on it and then click add new to add new pages

Enter the title of your page


Enter the title of your page

Put content on your page using WordPress editor or elementor (personal suggestion use elementor)

Click publish when you have finished using elementor or WordPress editor.

How to add categories in WordPress

Adding categories is an important part of blogging as you are going to have many different topics to cover an

First, go to post button and hover then click on categories, now carefully follow the next step.
Do not add parent category option better to leave it as none if you are creating your parent category.


How to create a post in wordpress

  • Go to posts menu and click add new
  • Add a title to your post
  • Select the category in which you want it to see, always remember to select your parent category and subcategory (select subcategory when you have otherwise parent category is good to go with).
  • And click edit with elementor (if you are using it otherwise you can use WordPress editor)
  • Now drag and drop text editor on the screen.
  • Put the content on it.
  • Do changes with the text font, color, and size.
  • and hit publish.

How to install plugins in WordPress

Go to the plugins menu and click it

Click the add button

Search the name of the plugin you want

When you searched that plugin

Click install and activate

After that click customize. Now customization will take time to understand.

Let us do basic customization.

Go to appearance and click customize button or you can go to your home and click customize button there.

You will see some tabs.

Site Identity

Customization of site identity – When you click site identity button, you can see two things one field is for site name and the other site tagline. Fill both of them.



Customization of menu – When you click menus, you have to give a name to the menu (main) would be perfect. Then you have to select menu location select main.

Now you have to add pages that you created earlier and it will be shown in the main menu and click publish.



Customization of widgets


Customization of homepage settings

Homepage Settings – When you click homepage settings, you have to click on static page. Select home for homepage and select blog for postpage and click publish. This is really important to do.


General Options –  Do not change anything unless required.

Customization of general options

Typography – Do not change there is no need in the beginning.


Top Bar –

Customization of top bar – When you will click top bar button, you can see top bar button is has a tick which it is enabled you have to disable that and click publish. It is only up-to you what to do want.



Customization of header

It has 5 tabs which include general, logo, header media, menu, social menu and mobile menu. This is really important to do.

General – In this setting you can change the look of your main menu by selecting out of the seven options, but go for minimal style menu. Also you can change the background color and border bottom color.


Header Media- In this setting you can either add a video or a header image.


Logo – In this setting you adjust the size of your logo.


Menu – when you click menu button, you can add links effect, links color in your main menu.

You can change the search icon settings, whether you want search bar or not.

You can also change the settings of your category, it’s dropdown menu

You can change position of your main menu. There are things also you can do here but it will take time to understand, right now go with the basics.


Social menu- In this setting, you can add a social menu to your blog, if you want

Mobile menu – In this setting you can change how your website will look on mobile devices.

You can change mobile menu drop down, which background color you want.


Blog- Do not change anything it is too earlier.Only if you want to

Sidebar – Up-to you I do not recommend it.

Footer Widgets- Just leave it enable.

Footer Bottom – Disable footer bottom        

Custom CSS – Do not touch unless you have technical knowledge.

Plugins that every blogger needs

  • Yoast seo
  • Auto optimize
  • Element

What is is a hosting service provided by the same company automatic who created both and

It is a way of income for them.


Disadvantages of will play advertisements on your WordPress site but you won’t get paid for it.

Visitors will see your ads but the profits would not be shared until you upgrade your hosting plan to premium or business or eCommerce.

  1. The cost of maintaining a website is

3. You will not be able to upload plugins if you are using free, blogger and personal. To upload a plugin, you need to upgrade your hosting plan to premium, business or eCommerce.

  1. You cannot install themes in your websites if you are using free, blogger and personal hosting plan. You need to upgrade your hosting to premium, business or eCommerce.
  2. To get unlimited premium themes. You need to upgrade your hosting to premium, business or eCommerce.
  3. For using Simple payments You need to upgrade your hosting to premium, business or eCommerce.

7. Google analytics integration is only available in premium, business or eCommerce hosting plan.

8. Personalized help is only available in business and eCommerce hosting plan.

9.SEO tools are only available in business and eCommerce hosting plan.

10. Storage space is unlimited in business and eCommerce hosting plan.


What is, on the other hand, is an open-source software which can be used by anyone.

Advantages of

  1. Free and easy to use.
  2. No restriction for adding themes and plugins
  3. You can do monetization there is no restriction as we can see in
  4. You can use google analytics tool with no restriction.
  5. You can run your eCommerce store with less cost.

Disadvantages of

1. You need a hosting company, where all of your data will be stored.

  1. You have to update you’re your WordPress software, themes and plugins yourself by logging in to your dashboard.

Why you should use and not

Though both have the same name WordPress both are two different platforms.

.org- it is an open-source free software when you use hosting providers and install WordPress this is it what you are installing. This is what I recommend.

.com- when you use you are hosting your site on

There are many restrictions in as compared to .org.

Note: if you are serious about starting blogging use you will not regret it, I assure you that.

Most people will recommend you to go for



1.Ubersuggest – This free tool can be used for keyword researching.

2.Keyword everywhere – This free tool can be used for keyword researching. My recommendation is this tool.

3.Canva- This free tool can be used for graphic designing.

4. Smallseotools – This free tool can be used for

(a) Text Content Tools – It is used for several purposes as follows:

plagiarism rate, article rewriting, word counter,grammar check, text to image converter, image to text converter, spell checker, MD5 generator,uppercase to lowercase, word combiner, translate English to English.

(b) Image Editing Tools – It is used for image optimization purposes.

Image compression, image resize, favicon generator, crop image, reverse image search, video to gif converter, convert to jpg, rgdb to hex

(c) Keyword Tools – It is used for keyword purposes:

keyword position, keyword position, keyword density checker, SEO keyword competition analysis, keyword suggestion tool, keyword research tool, keyword completion tool, related keywords finder, link keyword analyzer, paid keyword finder, long-tail keyword suggestion tool

(d) Backlink Tools: It is used for backlink purposes:

backlink checker, backlink maker, website link count checker, the website is broken link checker, anchor text distribution, valuable backlink checker, link price calculator

(e) Website Management Tools – It is used for website management purposes:

Website SEO score checker,page speed test,google PageRank checker,online ping website tool, XML sitemap generator,minify CSS,minify HTML,minify js

(f) Website Tracking Tools: It is used for:

Page comparison, google cache checker, the code to text ratio, spider simulator

(g) Proxy Tools – It is used to check:

IP Address, IP location, free daily proxy list etc.

(h) Domain Tools – It is used to check and find:

Domain age, domain authority, domain to IP, find DNS records, expired domains.

(i)Meta tags tools

Meta tags analyzer, meta tag generator,

(j) Password Management Tool

Password strength checker, password encryption utility, password generator

(k) Online pdf tools

Merge pdf,pdf to word,word to pdf,pdf to jpg,compress pdf, excel to pdf

(l) Development Tools

JSON to XML, JSON Formatter, JSON Validator

(m) Unit Converter

Time converter, speed converter, pressure conversion

5.Duplichecker -This tool is similar to smallseotools having similar tools.

6. Grammarly –This tool has free as well as the paid version. It corrects your grammar mistakes.

7.Ahrefs –This tool is used for checking you SEO statistics, audit your stats, check your competitors, backlinks, etc.

8.Alexa – This tool is used for competition analysis, website ranking


I hope I was comprehensive enough for you to explain how to start a blog article.

There is a lot of confusion which is created by these platforms.

In my final thoughts,  would blindly say to go for the .org platform.

You will not regret this decision ever.

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How to Start A Blog
Article Name
How to Start A Blog
Before we learn how to start a blog in just 5 steps Let us have an overview. Overview In this article, you are going to learn the meaning of blogging (short revision), how to buy a domain from Godaddy and how to purchase hosting from a2hosting. So we should start?
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