Introduction to Domain and Hosting

A domain name is the name of your website on the internet.

A domain is like the address of your site where users of the internet can directly visit just like your physical store.

Just like your nameplate at your house so that people can know who is living inside.


Domain extension helps in the category it under one.

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .edu

There is also a unique extension specifically to each country.

  • .in(India)
  • .au(Australia)
  • .an(Angola)

Hosting is a service which helps business or individuals to host their websites on the internet.

Servers are the special place(basically computers) where websites are hosted.

Just like you put stuff inside your house like furniture tv etc, here you will store website contents.


1-Shared hosting 

This is a hosting plan where several websites are hosted under one server with the same IP address.

It is the cheapest and the most popular hosting plans.

It is good for beginners who want to start blogging or making their first website at an affordable cost.

Companies which provide hosting services are A2hosting, Bluehost, Hostgator etc.

2-Dedicated hosting

In this type of hosting only your website will be hosted on that one server no one else’s website would be included. This server is dedicated to you. It costs more than the others but it is worthy for that website that has a high level of traffic.

You can full control over the dedicated hosting like operating system, hardware etc.

With the shared hosting the bandwidth and disk space are limited but with dedicated hosting, there is no such issue as the bandwidth and disk-space would be dedicated is your(company’s).

3-Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting means when a web hosting provider sells its services(disk space, bandwidth, Cpanel resources etc) to another business or to a third party and that business acts a hosting provider providing hosting services to its business clients.

For examples- A2hosting, SiteGround, Godaddy etc.

4-VPS hosting

A VPS stands for Virtual Personal Server.

A virtual personal server hosting acts like a dedicated server without the cost of a dedicated server within a shared hosting environment.

So it is a combination of both dedicated hosting and shared hosting.

In virtual personal server hosting, you can have a portion of their service.

You have more bandwidth and resources.

It has a high degree of control and customization.

You can also change server settings.

5-Free WordPress hosting

This is totally free but the only thing here is that after your domain name ( be shown, so it is basically a subdomain.



It is the amount of storage that is allowed to you by the hosting provider according to the plan chosen.

This space is used for website content, image, files, videos, and audios etc.disk space


It is the level of traffic and the sum of data that is allowed to your website.

If your website has huge traffic then your website should have a high bandwidth.Bandwidth


It is one of the most important features of a hosting provider. Uptime should be a minimum of 95%.

The minimum uptime guarantee is 99.99%.

A hosting provides whose uptime is 99%means that your website would be available to your visitors maximum times.


It means file transfer protocol, it is responsible for transferring data from your computer to the server or the vice versa.

This allows us to upload the files to the server from our computer to the server and also downloading from the server to the computer.

A good hosting provider would give 24/7 access to upload or download from anywhere at any time.file transfer protocol


Support is given only by reputated companies.

If any issue arises then you can generate a ticket and can have an instant chat with the support team.

A2hosting provides this team


Imagine if you all your website data, files etc this will ruin your reputation in the market. Here comes the need of backup services.

Backup services are very important, with backup service feature you are simply one click from the backup. It has a user-friendly interface.backup


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