So for today, our topic is blogging tips for beginners where many bloggers do mistake.

Blogging tips for beginners

Blogging tips for beginners

Choose your blogging platform-

Choosing a blogging platform is a great challenge in itself.

Because there are tons of platform where you can blog on.

  • This is a free open source software.

Open source means you are also able to code if you know to code.

Or you can hire a techie.

The more specialized technical person who will the more you can extract from the

This means you are fully responsible over the look of your blog.

This level of flexibility allows

To create a forum

To create membership is SEO friendly.

This is why it is the best blogging platform in the market.

But being an open source software you have to host it.

Hosting means getting your blog live or present on the web.

  • This is a service provided by the hosting companies A2hosting etc.

This is of the same company AUTOMATTIC who owns is SEO friendly.

You will not be able to edit code in

So it is a great alternative for bloggers who do not know to code.