Best Practices For Blogging

Best Practices For Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to generate traffic for your website/blog. But do you know Best Practices For Blogging that you must follow?

In this article we will explain all the best practices for blogging that will also help you in SEO work.

What is a Blog?

A web-page updated with content after a specific time period like once in a week or once in a month or whatever it may be depends on the blogger.

You can have an overview of this article in the below best practices for blogging infographic but for depth information read full article.

Here are 20+ best practices for blogging, if you are a beginner, follow these tips that will definitely help you:

best practices for blogging

How Best Practices For Blogging Can Help You?

1.Use Captivating Titles
Make your titles attention seeking and must be providing all the information.
Even if you have started doing blogging for your business even these practices apply to you too.
So, note down these best practices for business blogging.

2.Post Consistently
Blogging is not an easy job at all! Be consistent in posting otherwise your readers will be disappointed. This is one of the things which i have in my blogging journey and trying to improve it. You can post once in a week or twice as per your choice.

3.Use Large, Beautiful Featured Images
When you are blogging images play a really important role for two people, one for your readers and second for the search engines.

4.Blog Content As Info-graphics And Video
Using info-graphics or videos in your blogs make it more informative for the readers.

5.Optimize for Search Engines
Never forget to optimize your content or blog for search engines. It is really crucial otherwise your blog is of no use.
It is one the best practices for blogging that you must not avoid/ignore, PLEASE!

6.Create For The Audience
When you have optimized your content for search engines, keep one thing in mind, your content must be for your readers and it should help them. Plan content according to audience interests and share insights regarding the topic.

7.Link Internally And Externally As Well
In your blog always put a minimum of two links, one link of some other blog of your’s and a second link, an external platform like wikipedia, which is providing similar information. This builds credibility.

8.Find Topics Relevant To Your Business

One of the best ways to get traffic as well as brand recognition, is to publish contents of what your target audience is actively searching. Use those searches as keywords and rank on them. For help, use google keyword planner or google trends.
People start blogging without thinking about it but that’s totally wrong,it is one of best blogging practices.

9.Blogs Should Be Easily Shareable

Always make it easy for your readers to share your blogs on social media platforms.
What you have to do is, just embed social media sharing buttons at the end of your blogs.

10.Blog Post URLs Should Be Short And Understandable

Keeping your blog URLs make it easy for readers as well as for the search engines.
Always avoid using numbers and signs. This enhances your On Page SEO.
If you are using WordPress you have to go to settings and in the permalinks section, choose post name as URL structure.

11.Use Rich Snippets

Using rich snippets could be beneficial. Yeah it will! Rich Snippets are information about a web-page with structured data that is for search engine crawlers to give better search visibility and ranking.
If you are using wordpress you can use plugins which are available for free.
If you are using a HTML website you have to add it to the relevant page.

12.Make Sure You Use Your Target Keyword in Subheadings

Sub-headings are a powerful tool for SEO. Using your target keyword in sub-headings like in H2, H3 etc should be done, it makes it better for search engines crawlers to crawl and understand your target keyword. In addition, use only one H1 tag in your blog focusing on your target keyword.

13.Optimize Images With Alt Tags

Now, this is something which I mention everywhere I could.
Images in SEO are very useful and when you add a ALT text, Caption and Description, it makes WONDER! So always do it!

14.Make Proper Use of Keywords

Using your keywords and its synonyms in the right place is the key for good SEO.

Use short tail and long tail keywords as well.

15.Categorize Your Blog

If you have categories in your blog, it makes it very easy for your readers to understand and freely go where they want to.

Always have categories according to different topics you are blogging on. It helps search engines crawlers when they come for indexing.
It always enhances your navigation experience for your audience.

16. Post Original Content

One of the most common mistakes newbies/beginners do when they start their blogging journey, they copy other’s content and paste it it on their own website.

One can be inspired from someone’s content that is GOOD.

Write original and Be original.

17.Reply To Comments

If you, receive any comments or doubts in your comment section.
Always respond to them as fast as possible. This will help you build authority in the market.

Interact with them, share your ideas, insights and mistakes!

18.Check The Length Of Your Blog Posts

If you check Google for the average length of a blog post it will show you 1000-1600 words.
So, try to keep up with this. 
You can also visit Wikipedia to have more information on this topic.

I thought to share some more tips for you GUYS because you are doing great and I can see, you want to make a difference!

These Best Practices For Blogging is an additional add on from my side, to make this content more informative for you PEOPLE!

These strategies will  give you improved ranking and a boost in your work so follow the Best Practices in Blogging for SEO.

19.Republish Your Old Blogs
Old blogs lose ranking and visibility when you don’t update it. I have realised this in my journey, so don’t make the same mistake.
Try to update the content, add infographics, PPTs or anything you like.
Just UPDATE it!

20.Use Tags in Your Blogs
If you are doing on WordPress platform. Use tags in your blogs, it will increase your reach!
Now just using it won’t help it!
Another thing which I have learned is that you can update your tags as well.
You can add a meta title and meta description and some content as well.
Just go to the tags section in your WordPress dashboard and click the tag, you want to edit and you will now automatically know what to do.

You are going to thank me after this, TRUST ME!

21. Distribute Your Content To Other Platforms As Well
Publishing your content on your blog is not sufficient!
Share your blog links to other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr etc don’t leave a single platform. Let it Spread

22 .Make Sure Your Blog Pages Are Mobile-Friendly
People use mobile devices more than PCs or Laptops therefore the internet usage is higher on Mobile devices and you have kept this little thing in your mind.

Make sure your blog pages are mobile friendly because if they are not, you are going to lose ranking.
Mobile audiences must have a good experience.

Also Google is on their way to introduce Page Experience Update.
So, keep this point in your mind.

23. Link Building
Next best practices for blogging is link building.
Link building is a complex but easy process.
You have to create backlinks on relevant that will give you traffic and will increase your page authority.
This will increase your ranking on SERPs!
So, follow these 23 best practices for blogging whether for SEO or business blogging.
These techniques are useful.

Best Practices For Blogging: Conclusion

I hope our best practices for blogging will help you in your blogging journey.
Because when it comes to blogging there are some fundamental things that you should always do.

This is my best practices for blogging, it can be yours too. 
Also I have tried to cover SEO Best Practices in Blogging.
You can also visit Wikipedia.

An ultimate guide if you take it seriously and follow it. 

TRUST ME, I am sharing my mistakes with YOU!

If you have any doubts or want to share something, you can freely comment.
We are waiting for your feedback.

Best Practices For Blogging
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Best Practices For Blogging
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