Google Announced Anti Spam Update Part 2

Google Announced Anti Spam Update Part 2

Google's Confirmed Anti Spam Update Part 2

As promised by Google, the part 2 of the anti spam update has been rolled out on the 28th of June and conclude on the respective day.

As explained in my earlier post, these are 1 day updates..

Google said: “The second part of our spam update has begun today, and it will also conclude later today unless we share otherwise,”.

The announcement:  Here is Google’s two part announcement:

How Google with Spam

Google shared an interesting post on the Google Search Central Blog, How we fought Search spam on Google in 2020, where they have completely explained how they fight against the spam, read this blog if you haven’t yet! 

Impact of the Google Spam Update

The whole spam update will impact both parts of web results and image results in the SERPs, Danny Sullivan of Google told us.

Why should we care

If you notice any ranking changes today or tomorrow, it might be related to this spam update, so kindly ensure your site is following Google’s rules and guidelines.

This was a global release which will impact both the web and images results, so if you see any drop in ranking from 23rd to 30th june, it might be related to spam related efforts.

Avoid Spam Activities Which Are As Follows:

This is a list that concerns Google Spam:

  1. Autogenerated content from tools
  2. Phishing
  3. Unoriginal content/Duplicate content
  4. Cloaking
  5. Link schemes
  6. Hidden text or links in webpages
  7. Doorway pages
  8. Abusing structured data
  9. Scraped content

How To Protect Your Site From Anti Spam Update

To protect your site from these kind of algorithm updates, you have to follow the below mentioned solutions:

  1. Upgrade your firewall
  2. Use captcha
  3. Monitor backlinks and remove spammed links

Google Announced Anti Spam Update Part 2
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Google Announced Anti Spam Update Part 2
Read the latest anti spam google update rolled out on 29th june, to find out how this update will impact your site and how to recover from it.
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